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Fresh Honey, Creamed Honey, and Beeswax Products

About Us

About Abeez Honey Farm

Hi we are Abeez Honey Farm, we run a smaller Honey Bee business in which we pollinate for farmers, collect all natural, non-altered, pure, never processed, raw honey. We also produce creamed honey, beeswax products with the wax from our hives, sell bee packages and NUC started frames in the spring, and also make our own queens.

Humble Beeginnings

We started our bee business with two hives, originally because we love to garden and grow things, we traded computer work for one hive, and work with a smaller bee business for the other hive. Such a noticeable difference our hives made in our fruit, garden, and flower production, plus the yards around us also. We collected our first honey and wax after the first year, and have been hooked ever since. We needed to learn more and get plenty of practice as well, we worked that first year with the small bee business and lots of hands on practice and learned a great deal, plus attended several classes on beekeeping, mite treatments, and even visited a larger bee keeper in Montana to see how their business ran.

We were able to purchase that small bee keeping business as the owner was moving out of state to take another job offer, we have loved every minute of the ups and downs of the Honey Bee business. We work together as a family of seven, and love bringing in others to learn as well, we strive to keep a family oriented atmosphere, and get the kids involved as much as possible. We have recently moved to Idaho as to purchase many more bee colonies and grow our business larger, to help pollinate the many farms that help feed America, to take care of the bees so that they will be around for a very long time, and of course spread the sweet, raw benefits of honey and beeswax products to others.